The pursuit of the truth ennobles any student

The way the press has changed in the past 30 years could fill several editorials, much less a final issue. At the very least, I can personally attest to how the press has evolved in the past five years that I’ve been working here at The Paisano. Sadly, the newspaper is an industry on the way out; the press simply can’t compete with the instantaneous updates of the Internet and various social networks.

Recently, we’ve bared witness to not one but several revolutions generated by this method of communication, something a newspaper simply isn’t capable of. So what place is there for a student newspaper?

The core of our philosophy is, ultimately, the pursuit of the truth and using that truth to keep the student community informed and enlightened. For 30 years, we’ve encouraged anyone who wants to contribute to that goal and give them an outlet to develop their own personal rhetoric and understanding of the world around them. Unlike other more bureaucratic college newspapers, we are flexible, independent, and informative, regardless of bias.

It’s been a considerable honor working for this organization; I attest my improved understanding of the world and the ability to communicate myself literally and orally to my five years here. Regardless of what becomes of the newspaper, The Paisano will continue to help anyone who seeks it. Here’s to another 30 years!