Broken windows in McKinney Humanities Building

Two large plate glass windows by the 4th floor atrium of the McKinney Humanities Building were broken during the April 15-17 weekend. The incident has left administrators and students scratching their heads.

The windows, roughly 20 feet apart, connect to the walkway by the anthropology department and a teacher’s assistant office.

“There is a lot of equipment in the TA office but nothing was stolen,” administrative associate Liza Zamudio said.

According to Zamudio, no other equipment was damaged from the broken windows and the anthropology TA’s have ensured that nothing of theirs is missing.

“No other criminal activity occurred, such as theft or break-in,” Associate Vice President for Communications David Gabler said.

In speaking with UTSAPD and anthropology professors, there appears to be little known about the incident. There is speculation of vandalism however there is no conclusive evidence to prove that the windows were broken by someone with motive to do so.

“At this time, it appears the windows were not broken due to criminal activity,” Gabler said. “It’s possibly due to an accident.”

Large pieces of plywood now cover the window spaces. Gabler does not yet have an estimate for cost of repairs.