Studying jazz trombone can lead to many possibilities

“Jazz trombone, jazz trombone.”

“What sir?”

“When I was in college I wanted to play jazz trombone.”

Anyone who has seen the movie “Accepted” would understand about not fulfilling your dreams and filing line to make it rich.  But, as this semester draws to a close, I pose this question to all whom for this is the first semester or the twelfth semester or something in between; what are you doing after college?

This question has been asked of me time and time again during this past fall semester and even during the early weeks of the spring semester.  And, time and time again, I simply reply with the casual remark of I am going to grad school but after that I am not sure.

 Ah yes, the response that most don’t expect or have any clue in how to respond to: I don’t really know.

I do know some people that from the time that “Rugrats” was on TV knew what they wanted to be: a doctor, a police officer, a lawyer or go into the military.  I must also say that I know far more people out there that have no clue.  Perhaps, there are even more people whom are out in the working world now and still don’t know; just look at the fictional board of education member in the movie “Accepted” if you doubt my observations.

As this semester rapidly draws to its conclusion, don’t be afraid to question what if?  What if this dumb core class actually makes me want to change my major?  What if I come to find that what I thought I wanted wasn’t really what I wanted at all? What if I don’t know what I want to do after I get my degree?  What if?

Moreover, don’t be ashamed if you’re still pondering all the possibilities of what to be when you ‘grow up.’  When others ask what you are going to do after college-well unless you are going into medical or law school-to the other thousands of students out there, do not worry if you are unsure. 

It’s ok to admit that as of right now you don’t have a finite answer.  For after all, do any of us truly and absolutely know what we are destined to be doing 25 years from now?