How to go green

Going green isn’t that difficult. Being green doesn’t mean you have to drive hybrid cars, live in a tree house or shower when it’s raining.

Simple things can help.

Do you have a green-thumb? Plant a herb garden, instead of buying herbs.

Use CFL lightbulbs to replace incandescent bulbs.

Use a recycling bin in your house. If you see it next to your trash can, you’re more likely to actually use it.

Buy and use reusable bags. Almost every grocery and retail store has them. Save the whales from choking on plastic!

Reuse plastic water bottles. Always buying water bottles can be expensive. Instead, reuse the bottle and use a tap-water filter like Brita or Pur.

Turn off the lights. If you leave a room, turn off the lights with you. Or better yet, use natural light and open up your curtains.

Walk to the Valero across the street instead of driving, don’t be lazy. Walking or riding a bike to school is also healthier for the air.

Stop paper-billing. Almost every bill that you get can be paperless.

Use ceiling fans or portable fans. It’s not 100 degrees yet, so there’s no need to use the AC. Open up windows and let in fresh air.

Do laundry with cold water and reduce the hot water when showering.

Unplug unused chargers and appliances. Even if they’re not connected to anything, they’re still using power.