UTSAPD Chief resigns, spurs investigation


Over the past 18 months, a series of resignations and firings of UT police chiefs, including UTSA’s David Hernandez, has sparked a UT system-wide investigation.

In June of this year, Hernandez resigned. A complaint was reported against him. The complaint alleged that Hernandez made suggestive comments, sexual innuendos and inappropriate touching beginning in June 2007.

During interviews, witnesses have corroborated the complaint’s allegations. Hernandez’s resignation caused the administrative action against the former chief of police to cease. Under the protection of the law, further details regarding the case have been withheld.

Currently Dan Pena is interim chief of police.

David Gabler, assistant vice president for university communications, said the search for Hernandez’s replacement has not yet begun.

“Right now UTSA is in a very good place. Because we have an exceptional command staff in place, we can move very carefully, and we don’t have to make any quick decision,” Gabler said.

Near the beginning of this academic year, University of Texas System Chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa announced a system wide investigation of all university police departments. He called for these reports after discovering several operational irregularities in campus police departments.

According to a UT System press release, a panel made up of “senior UT System and campus officials examining day-to-day operations such as governance and reporting relationships, financial accounting systems, record-keeping and federal and state compliance issues” is administering the investigation.

“The (investigation) deals with routine issues of the police department, and it is innocuous concerning the safety of the students,” Matt Flores, assistant director of public affairs of the UT system said.

The report and final review called by Chancellor Cigarroa is still being completed.