Avoid online job hunting mistakes

Going online to find jobs is convenient.

Remember these points:

First, sure, you can always go to Monster and CareerBuilder, but they charge fees that small businesses can’t afford or just don’t want to pay. Make sure to check out smaller sites like Indeed.com.

Second, avoid using your work email or school email. You can either get in trouble from your job or once you graduate, your school email will no longer be active. What if you left your current employer and someone emailed you? You wouldn’t be able to see it.

Third, don’t just let your resume float around the Internet. A customized cover letter can go a long way to win over an employer. So make sure to take your time to individualize each one.

Fourth, don’t forget about your privacy. Make sure you check the privacy settings when posting your resume and make sure it’s set to something you feel comfortable with.

Also, visit individual company websites and search through their Careers or Employment pages because they’re more likely to post current positions.

Don’t completely rely on the Internet for jobs. Pick up a newspaper and check the classifieds.

Have we forgotten about UTSA’s career services? Of course not. The career services is a great place to find part-time, full-time, seasonal jobs and internships.

Almost-graduates should visit the career services for last minute resume touch-ups and search the job board for potential positions.