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The Paisano

Independent Student Newspaper for the University of Texas at San Antonio

The Paisano

SGA Election Guide

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To help students vote for Student Government, the Paisano contacted each student who had registered to run for a position on SGA’s Executive Board, and each willing candidate answered an identical questionnaire.

The questionnaire read as follows:
-After you are elected to your position, what do you plan on doing to improve SGA next year?

-What would you do to improve the experience of the typical UTSA student?

-Is there a person, famous or not, who you look up to or whose leadership style you seek to emulate?

-What personal characteristics would make you an excellent student representative?

-What experience makes you qualified to represent UTSA students?

Below are the responses of the SGA candidates.

Zack Dunn

I plan on making SGA more of an entity that interacts with the community. As we move towards a Tier 1 University I believe that it’s important for our students to continue to push UTSA to that next level as well. Whether it’s through our Athletics, Greek Life, Student Activities, or Orientation Programs, I believe that as students we must take up the mantle to get our name out there with the community, alumni and potential students. UTSA is truly becoming a campus meant for the future of top scholars and achievers in the city of San Antonio and the state of Texas. And I plan on making sure SGA is a part of that transformation.

I would like the experience of the typical UTSA student to be inclusive and engaged. Once students get involved and become a part of the university, I see a huge change in how they approach their affairs on campus. Getting involved gives students an opportunity to get out of their comfort shell and experience new things they would have otherwise never have been exposed to.

My father, Patrick Dunn, is the person I look up to the most in the world. He is someone who continually strives for the best in every aspect in his life, and that is something I greatly admire. He is also a man of integrity and courage and that is admirable for any leader to possess. He is someone whom I can look to for advice in any situation and he always pushes me to perform to the best of my ability.

I believe my passion for the organization and this university is something that will help me serve as a representative to any constituent. I want to see this university achieve Tier 1 status alongside student development and involvement, which will require lots of time and dedication. I look forward to pursuing this initiative and believe that my passion for improvement and excellence will be instrumental to achieving my goals.

I believe my involvement in Student Government, the Investment Society and the Green Society has helped me to grow as a student in my collegiate career. I have also been blessed to be a part of many programs in the Student Leadership Center in addition to my organizational involvement. I believe all of these experiences, both organizations and programs have provided me with the insight to understand the issues affecting our campus and how to communicate with students about the changes they want to see.

Adel Alshehri

Adel Mohammed Alshehri was unavailable to comment after attempts by The Paisano to reach him.

Rosalyn Huff
Vice President

Implementing easier parliamentary procedures is important, because, as Vice President, it will be my responsibility to lead others. Sometimes it is hard to understand the flow of the meeting, but if procedures are clear, the senators and students will not be hesitant to participate.

Another aspect will be to reach out to students that are not involved in organizations. With this, SGA can form better skills to communicate news to students.
We are all diverse and that’s what makes up UTSA. Typical equates to a student who is reaching to obtain a degree. By reaching out and being available to all students, only then can we, as SGA, improve student experiences.

I look up to my sister for everything that I do. I look up to my father with his leadership style.

I am very creative, visionary and bold. By not sticking to the norm, I know that by being myself, I can represent various people.

Besides being the current Academic Affairs chair of SGA, COLFA Senator and have held positions as an Ambassador, most of my experience started before and during high school.

I was a member of FFA for 5 years where I was trained in parliamentary procedure. I was elected as an officer to represent 4 high schools, and also I was elected Vice President for 2 high schools. During this time, I helped develop and lead many programs such as a Halloween community event for children.

I was also Vice President of my class for 3 straight years. During this time, I helped developed new cultural aspects of my high school, such as a community fundraising event for cancer patients.
I was involved on my debate team, FCCLA and my drill/dance team.
In all of these roles, I had to lead and make decisions, which impacted my high school.

Vice President

The administration this year did an amazing job building up our organization but I would love to help further it in my term as Vice President; I would like to have our administration reach out to organizations on campus to gather their concerns so we can help to see them accomplished.

I would like to bring a Farmer’s Market to our main campus; this should help make us a destination in San Antonio. It would help promote sustainability, increase healthier food options on campus and help us build a better relationship with our surrounding community.

There are several people whose leadership style I try to emulate. Our advisor for SGA, John Montoya, whose passion for the organization and people skills are extremely admirable; and the first lady of the United States Michelle Obama who has been amazing in her support of military children around the nation.

I love working with other students and organizations. I feel I have strong communication skills that will help in gathering the concerns of students and working with administration to help facilitate those concerns and effectively represent the voice of the students. I have passion for our organization and I am so incredibly proud of the work our members have done.

I was elected as a College of Liberal and Fine Arts senator my sophomore year and Secretary for this past administration. Throughout the past two years in Student Government I have learned and grown with the organization and I feel that I am very qualified to represent the students at UTSA.

Christian Ume-Ezeoke

As Treasurer, I will look at the SGA budget and identify strategic ways to make sure those monetary policies are best benefiting UTSA students. I am interested in supporting the growth of all programs and organizations in whatever ways possible through SGA. As your SGA treasurer candidate, I want to ensure that the student voice will be heard.

Every college student needs a support network to provide encouragement, guidance and accountability on his or her journey. To improve the experience of the typical UTSA student I want to stress the significance of joining student organization or being involved with the UTSA community. I would enlighten them about the resources that are available to UTSA student such as the Student Leadership Center, Career Services and Volunteer Services, and how to access them. I will also help cultivate the typical UTSA student on the importance of managing time, setting goals and studying effectively.

George Washington was a model of self-restraint. He rarely acted immediately but took the time to weigh his options. When comfortable that he had gathered all the information and ideas and thought it through, he acted decisively. And then defended his decision and did not back down. Washington’s life shows the importance of clarity of vision, of tenacity of purpose and character and how much can be accomplished in life if you keep your sights o
n your ultimate goals. These are all the characteristics that I try to emulate in my day to day life as a student leader.

I believe that the characteristics that makes me an excellent student representative include trustworthiness, respect, integrity, honesty, clarity, care, enthusiasm, confidence, compassion, humility, self-awareness, the ability to think analytically, finally ambition and passion. Every leader or student representative should possess a willingness to lead collaboratively whenever possible. I believe that decisions that are made collaboratively usually come from a vision that is shared and accepted by the leaders’ constituents.

I have gained the leadership experience that makes me qualified to represent UTSA students. I am the current President of Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor Society here at UTSA, a founding member and public relations officer of Eta Sigma Gamma National Health Honor Society, College of Education and Human Development within SGA, a member of Honors Alliance, a member of VOICES (Volunteer, Organization, Involving, Community, Education and Service). I am the current Roadrunner of the Month for December 2012 and January 2013 at UTSA. I accredit that these leadership skills and positions will make me an effective representative of the UTSA student body.


As UTSA climbs to ever greater heights, I would like to make sure our Student Government Association has a solid financial base in order to fulfill its basic function: serving the students. With an efficient budget, SGA will be able to run smoother, get more student concerns to the appropriate faculty and staff and continue to grow its signature events like University Life Awards and Golf Cart Parade.

I would like to increase the transparency and accessibility of Leaderfund, an opportunity for student organizations to procure funds for events and trips that help the university’s professional and leadership development. Also, as stated above, a more financially efficient SGA is tremendously beneficial to all students.

I definitely look up to my dad’s leadership style. His leadership philosophy has always been to work hard, leading by example in close collaboration with a team.

As an economics major and the president of the university’s only economics organization, I am very passionate about economics and finance, and as the SGA treasurer’s main two jobs are to plan out the budget for the year and run the finance committee, I believe I, not only meet, but exceed these two requirements. If someone isn’t passionate about their office, there is no point in electing them.

In addition to the above qualifications, I am also an SI leader for macroeconomics–I was an SI for microeconomics last semester. I am also currently one of the most active and vocal senators in SGA as a representative for the College of Business.

Nicole Ney

An issue I want to tackle that falls specifically into the lap of the SGA Secretary is the UTSA Giving Tree. Every year the SGA hosts the Giving Tree, and a large holiday tree (UTSA themed of course) is decorated on the main campus. This allows organizations and clubs to have a central point of collection, as well as gain attention for their respective charities. Years ago, the UTSA Giving Tree was the talk of the campus, however, as of late it has been pushed to the back burner. It is my goal to fully restore this wonderful SGA signature event beyond what it once was.

I plan to continue my work on the Academic Affairs committee and address the many concerns that students have revolving around academic advising. The road map that advisors can help students create is a key tool in being successful and graduating on time.

Bella Abzug is a huge role model of mine. She coauthored the Freedom of Information Act, cosponsored the first world conference on breast cancer and moved the women’s rights movement into the mainstream. “If we get a government that reflects more of what this country is really about, we can turn the century–and the economy–around.”

All of the roles I have been a part of in organizations revolve around my strong organizational skills, notable communication skills and abilities to multitask not only efficiently but accurately. I have kept a consistent attendance record throughout my time as senator, only missing a single general assembly and I have demonstrated my commitment to the organization by volunteering for tasks and putting forth substantial effort. I will help enforce accountability and build on to the strong traditions of those before me, as well as form new ones to better our organization.

My leadership roles in organizations on campus have equipped me with strong set of organizational, leadership and multitasking skills that I think would prove to be an asset to our Student Government and the student body of UTSA as a whole. Some of these leadership roles include: COEHD Senator, Historian of Omicron Delta Kappa (a leadership honor society), Kappa Delta Pi (an honors society of Educators) and Historian of the International Reading Association and LeaderShape 2012 alumni.

Jerome Scott

If I am elected as Secretary, I plan on improve the quality of our representation from the Senators. I would like the Senators to attend the meetings of our academic, profession and social organizations in order to better represent their constituents. I would also like to have the College Senators gain table for concerns and spread news of what is currently happening in SGA once a month.

The great thing I love about UTSA is that it is a very diverse campus ranging in different ages and backgrounds. It would be difficult to define the “typical” student and so I would rather focus on the concerns of students on an individual basis. As a representative of the student body, I would focus on how I can improve upon the experience for all students and not just the “typical” students.

I have no one particular person whose leadership style I seek to emulate, but instead, I believe in having a leadership style of any coach. I enjoy motivating others to be the best that they can be so that they can do their part in building a stronger community.

I believe that I am a persistent person and that would make me an excellent student representative. When a concern is brought to me from a student, I will work with the administrators to ensure that the concern is resolved in a timely manner. Being persistent would also benefit me as Secretary because many times, I would have to hold the Senators accountable for their duties.

Experience for this position includes my involvement in over 15 organizations, including President of the Student Organization Council, SGA Student Affairs Chair and UTSA Ambassador. My involvement has allowed me to come in contact with many administrators and so I am able to effectively communicate concerns from students. I am also familiar with organizational structures and I understand the importance of the Secretary position and ensuring that all members of an organization are knowledgeable of what is happening in the organization.

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