San Antonio B-cycle adds several new bicycle rental stations to metropolitan area

Whether you’re a professional cyclist or have just taken off your training wheels now is the time to take advantage of the latest additions to the San Antonio bicycle scene. San Antonio B-cycle has recently added several new bicycle rental stations to Crockett St., Flores St., S. Alamo St., Mission Trail and Graff Rd.

These latest additions contribute to a total of 42 B-cycle stations in San Antonio with an expected goal of eight more stations later this year; this would give San Antonio residents the option of renting 500 potential bicycles throughout the city. Currently, B-cycle has locations at the Pearl Brewery, Alamo Plaza and the Convention Center among other venues.

B-cycle is a bike-sharing program that provides accessibility to those who do not own a personal bicycle, with stations set up around parks and downtown hot spots. San Antonio residents simply swipe their debit or credit cards to a B-cycle machine and rent a bike for the desired amount of time. Once the rider is done with their route they can return the bicycle to its designated station and they will be charged a fee for the service. The program is one of the newest health-conscious initiatives that bring awareness to having a more active lifestyle and family togetherness.

Cindy Snell of B-cycle said, “San Antonio B-cycle just installed 7 new in downtown and the Mission Reach. The key to a successful bike share program is density of stations, ideally 900 ft apart. The more stations you have, close together, the easier the system is to use and the more people will actually use it.”

Snell continued, “Creating healthy lifestyles is part of the benefit of using the B-cycle system and more stations gives more opportunity for healthy choices as well as a positive impact on environment and transportation.User have burned over 16.5 million calories since our program began in March of 2011.”

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