Bringing Rowdy home

Rr statue

On Sep. 3, UTSA will unveil a Roadrunner statue. Beginning in 2010, registered student organizations on campus, such as the Student Government Association and Sigma Pi Fraternity, began a fundraising campaign to bring the statue to campus.

“We had this idea a few years ago, that we could somehow get a statue to campus,” said UTSA Student Government Association President Zack Dunn. “When you look at the Main Campus right now, there’s very little representation of our mascot on campus.

To students, having Rowdy as a part of our campus is a way to distinguish ourselves from other institutions and show our school spirit and build tradition.” The statue was designed by 78-year-old Lubbock artist and blacksmith R.G. Box.

While watching a segment by Texas Country Reporter Jim Goodman, associate athletic director for UTSA, was inspired to commission the renowned artist after Box mentioned his desire to one day sculpt a large, iron roadrunner.

Working for 1,000 hours to complete the statue, Rowdy was formed from metal upwards of 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit, stands 11-feet-long, weighs 1,000 pounds and has 1,000 detailed feathers.

“As I was driving into Box’s Lubbock studio in my truck one night to visit him, two roadrunners crossed my path,” said Goodman. “I thought to myself, ‘this is fate.’ Then I saw the thing, right as it was being finished, and it was beautiful.”

Box, who has named the statue Rowdy, is excited to unveil his most ambitious work. “I think everything that is happening is wonderful. Both Rowdy and I are very very excited about coming down to San Antonio.”