Construction on Hausman Road

Starting in late October, a joint team consisting of the City of San Antonio and Sundt Construction, will begin an expansive project on the 3.4 miles of Hausman Road from North Loop 1604 to I-10.

The project will expand the road from two lanes to four, place a drainage median in the center and a add proper sewage piping along the entire length of road.

The project also budgets for recreational improvements such as a sidewalk on the north side and a ten-foot wide hike and bike trail that will fuse with the Leon Creek Greenway Trail on the North side. The project is the city’s largest single roadway project to date, and is estimated to cost $62 million. Completion is estimated to be Summer 2015.

A meeting was given at Stinson Middle School on Sept. 9 by the city and Sundt in order to keep the community informed. The meeting included experts such as engineers and contractors to answer questions that residents might have.

Residents of District 8, the district in which construction will take place, turned out in large numbers to learn about the project.There was standing room only among the graphics and computer monitors placed about the room to give a visual of the construction.

Ron Nirenburg, District 8’s City Councilman, addressed the crowd of his constituents, “This project has been in the works since 2007, and ultimately we want this project to be as efficient as possible. Our partnership with Sundt and the pre-apportioned funds will allow us to complete the project much more efficiently than relying solely on TxDot.”

“Obviously an expansion of Hausman Road is necessary,” believes sophomore public policy major Chris Stewart. “The traffic is terrible, anyone can tell you that, and with Hausman being an emerging corridor in the city, it can’t stay a two-lane road. While it’s going to be an inconvenience, the voters voted on the bond package and passed it overwhelmingly. This is a vital project.”

Beginning in 2014, UTSA will also begin construction on UTSA Blvd. Shutting down the highly trafficked street, TxDot, the construction company responsible for the project, will be widening the road to improve traffic flow.