Behind the Beat: “Wall & Tide”

Wall  tide

Photo Credit: Michael Turnini


Wall & Tide is a local San Antonio band that is still in the beginning stages. Only being together officially for a few short months, they have the sound of a band that’s been around for a good while. This is partly due to the two main members of the band (Katie Salcher and Evan Estrada) being individual singer/songwriters themselves. Their sound can be best described as an Indi/Rockabilly/Folk style that will blow you away with how much heart is put into each song. With no CD’s, merchandise, or major internet marketing, Wall & Tide show how truly difficult it is for a band to be a part of a music scene when you have very limited time and money. Their only setback is that their rise to the top will take a little longer. This is a band that San Antonio should definitely keep a look out for in the near future. You do not want to miss their next show.

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