How do you tailgate?

Credit christopherbreakwell

Photo Credit: Christopher Breakell

Meet Abbie Koch, junior psychology major, from Alpha Sigma Alpha.

Meet Joseph Kissling, senior engineering major, from Pi Kappa Phi.

The Paisano asked about tailgating, and they answered!

What’s your favorite part of tailgating?

“My favorite part about tailgating is just being able to get out there early in the morning with all your friends and just having all your Roadrunner family around for one reason to support our Roadrunner team!” – Koch

“My favorite part of tailgating is hanging out with my brothers and mingling with other greeks.” – Kissling

How early do you get there?

“The earliest we have ever gotten there was eight in the morning, but people get there earlier than that. Everyone is always excited for game day, so they are out there as soon as possible to get the food and excitement going!” – Koch

What are crowd favorites?

“For me personally, I just need my water and I’m good, but I know for others a nice cold beer will surely suffice!” – Koch

“Must-have tailgating food is hamburgers and hot dogs.” – Kissling