Run for Governor?

(news) wendy davis

Photo Courtesy of Associated Press

On Sunday, Sept. 29, The Texas Tribune concluded its three-day political festival with an interview with Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis, D-Ft. Worth.

Davis gained notoriety after her infamous 11-hour filibuster on a bill that restricted women’s access to abortion. Since her speech, there have been rumors that the senator will run for governor in 2014 against Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott.

While she isn’t scheduled to announce her decision until Oct. 3, her political behavior has been indicative of a run for governor.

Editor-in-Chief of The Texas Tribune Evan Smith interviewed Davis on what she would change in the Texas legislature, whether in another run for senate or statewide.

Among her political agenda is a plan to invest in public education: “If we don’t start investing in our children, it is going to hurt our economy.”

When asked about the current trend of rising tuition, Davis said that grant-in-aid is not keeping up with rising costs, saying, “We’re pricing people out of the opportunity to access higher education.”