Chan vacates City Council seat

Elisa Chan has resigned as the City Council representative for District 9. Chan gained notoriety after a staff member recorded her saying that she found homosexuality to be unnatural and “gross.”

Chan also voted against the Non-discrimination Ordinance (NDO) that allowed members of the LGBTQ community protections against being fired from publicly funded employment.

She vacated her position to run against Republican Donna Campbell for Texas Senate District 25 during the March primary for the 2014-midterm elections.

Mike Novak will also be running against the two conservatives during the election and Dan Boone will be running on the Democratic Party ticket.

The council voted to pass Chan’s resignation and is now accepting applications for the District 9 seat until Nov. 1.

After the two-week application period, the City Council applicants will be vetted and questioned during a council B session. On Nov. 7, the council will vote to approve an interim council member who will serve until a special election in May.

During an interview with the San Antonio Express-News, Chan stated that, “With my qualifications, my experience, my conservative views, what can I do to make the biggest positive impact on the community? I think this is a good opportunity for me.”

So far, Republican Weston Martinez is the only candidate who has publicly stated an intention to run for District 9. Martinez lost to Chan in the last City Council election and is currently leading the effort, along with the Bexar County Conservative Coalition, to recall Councilman Diego Bernall, who authored the NDO.

Currently, Martinez serves as the State Republican Executive Committeeman for District 25.