‘The Walking Dead’ Season 4 Episode 1 recap: “30 Days Without an Accident”

“The Walking Dead” season four premiere brings us to the prison several months after the battle with the governor. The residents of the prison and Woodbury have joined ranks and are trying to rebuild their lives together. Rick, former commander of the group, has stepped down in favor of raising Carl and Judy; he now is in charge of keeping the community fed. In the season opener, we see Rick tending to a growing crop of vegetables and also a group of pigs, a far cry from his zombie killing days. Hershel even teases him about needing a pair of overalls.

Everyone is trying to bring a sense of normalcy into his or her lives. Carol is teaching the children in a makeshift school; Glen and Maggie, now married, are debating if they should or should not have a child; Daryl has become more involved with the community and Hershel has formed a council to bring order to the community. Everyone is settling into life at the prison. However, this is “The Walking Dead” we are talking about, so nothing stays tame for long. There is a new threat looming, one more dangerous than anyone even realizes.