SGA proposes end to CAP

On Thursday Oct. 31, Student Government Association will vote on their “End Participation with Coordinated Admission Program Resolution.” The program, otherwise known as CAP, allows freshmen who are not initially admitted to the University of Texas at Austin to attend another UT System school for a year.

If a CAP student’s grade point average is 3.2 or greater after completing 30-semester credit hours at another UT school, he or she can be immediately accepted to attend UT Austin the following fall.

The resolution, authored by Alex Uriel and Boyd Garriott, was created to show student approval for ending the CAP program between UT Austin and UTSA.

According to Garriott, UT Austin wanted the 2013-2014 year to be the last year for CAP at UTSA; however, the UT Board of Regents intervened because they did not want UT Austin to alter admissions policies until they had a year to review the CAP program.

According to Garriott and Uriel, their resolution “strongly encourages the Regents to give UT Austin and UTSA permission to end this program since this is what both schools desire.”

A significant percentage of freshman who attend UTSA are CAP students. Because a significant number leave to attend UT Austin, “artificially lowering UTSA retention rate by 8-10 percent a year,” stated Garriott.

“This kills the graduation rate at UTSA, a key factor for Tier One status. “

The resolution is meant to put pressure on the Board of Regents, to acknowledge how it affects UTSA, consequently giving UTSA a better chance to see CAP ended.

One concern of eliminating CAP is that the incoming freshman class could shrink considerably.

According to Garriott, “There is no point in having a large freshman class if 800 of them are going to leave. We want a Tier One university, and we cannot get there if we keep sending our students to Austin.”