Behind the beat: ​Quix&

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This episode of Behind the Beat features an interview with Ms. Christina Quick, and also people’s favorite and least favorite foods during the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have anything Thanksgiving related, send it to ([email protected]) and I will be sure to put them up on the blog at ( Christina Quick is the front woman of the rock band “Quix&”. Christina also does her own solo project along with teaching vocal, piano, and other various instruments at Anthem School of Music in San Antonio. Christina has a clear, blues-style, rock and roll voice that catches the attention of everyone in the room. Though no CD’s yet, Quix& is an upcoming band that has been on a roll for the past few months. Playing major shows around the San Antonio area, gaining fans everywhere they play, and making a name for themselves, Quix& is a band to listen to now so you will be able to say “I knew them when”.

Opening song: Stout City Luchadores (Victoria, TX) – Please Jesus Don’t Let Me Go To Jail Tonight (

Closing Song: Alkaline Trio – Mercy Me


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