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Sorority accused of hazing

Phi Mu Sorority is being investigated for hazing. A decision will be made within the next week.

Dr. Kevin Price, dean of students, said that hazing investigations typically require conducting dozens of interviews and many follow ups.

“Every year we have over a 1,000 cases that come through Student Judicial Affairs (SJA),” Price said.

The close of the semester is the busiest time for SJA. “At the end of the semester a lot of acadamic cases that come in that take priority because they involve grades,” Price said.

Phi Mu’s National Headquarters also completed their own investigation.

Price said that the National Headquarters placed members of Phi Mu on probation until UTSA completes its investigation.

Free video game encourages rape (Source: Associated Press, local interviews and other sources.)

In recent weeks, the Japanese video game “Rapelay” has come upon heavy criticism from anti-violence advocates.

Illusion, the game’s developer, calls the game a 3D sex-simulation.

Rapelay has sparked controversy because it allows gamers to stalk and rape women.

According to the Associated Press, the game follows the molestion and rape of a woman and her two daughters. Giant Bomb, an online video game review Web site, confirms the plot of the game and adds that the point of the game is to rape the women until they become slaves.

The game created in 2006, was recently banned for sale in Japanese stores, and subsequently banned for sale on eBay and Amazon as well.

Despite strong opposition, the game is available for download from many Web sites.