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Pretty Little Liars S04E17 “Bite Your Tongue” Recap

Much of “Bite Your Tongue” reveals anger issues arising within Aria due to the fact that Mike, Aria’s brother, and Mona, ex-minion of A, are now a thing. Mike tells Aria that he met Mona in a discussion group held after school. Aria confronts Mona who says that the discussion groups are held by the new guidance counselor Jesse. Mona shows that she is not guilty of anything and has a new attitude since joining the group after her stint in jail. Poor Mona. Or not, because after this incident, Mona visits Ezra in his office and he asks her to come in and close the door. Hmm…what can this mean?

Later that day, Aria visits Jesse. He’s a young guy with candy dispensers on his wall, so either he’s a creep or just kind of cool. Jesse makes it known to Aria that there’s nothing wrong with Mona, and Aria should join the group to get out some of her anger issues.

With school already over, Ezra is alone in his office. The screen shows Ezra texting on his phone and the message reads: “there’s been a setback. re: Alison.” Just then, Emily’s father walks in and asks Ezra to give Emily some extra work to get her mind off things.

Spencer is back at home with a boy she had invited to study, but she actually asks him for prescription pills to help her stay awake, which he hands over.

That night, Spencer is working on a story that Alison wrote called “Love and Death” which takes place at a pub called The Hart and the Huntsman. The story describes Alison talking with a college boy who is eating a slice of boysenberry pie and drinking a beer, a gross combination according to Ali. The next day, Spencer calls Hannah wishing to visit the pub from the story. “Detective” Hanna gets the idea from a mystery novel to find the dental records from when Ali’s “body” was identified, because these dental records may have been switched to match the body to Ali.

Meanwhile, after hearing a noise at night, Emily nearly stabs her father with scissors when he walks in to check on her. The camera pans to show a handprint on the sill of her window.

The next school day gets skipped over to when Spencer visits the Hart and the Huntsman alone, only to find Ezra there eating a boysenberry pie — the same as the boy in Ali’s story. He leaves quickly when he spots Spencer, but she investigates and finds that he had ordered a beer to go with the pie. Spencer recalls Ali’s story and then the scene cuts to Ali kissing Erza.

It can’t get more obvious than the evidence of the pie and the beer. But wait. Spencer is served a beer called “Board Shorts Ale.” The same board shorts mentioned by Ali numerous times?

Meanwhile, Hanna is at the dentist and when she hides in the filing closet to snoop, the last nurse in the office assumes Hanna is gone and leaves. Returning with the file in her purse, Hannah sits back down in the dentist’s chair. A man walks in wearing a lab coat and puts Hannah to sleep with a gas mask. Later in the episode, Emily wakes up with blood on her mouth and the file gone.

However, before that incident, Emily is at school at night alone to help Ezra co-direct the spring play. She hears noises but is calm until the door closes by itself in Ezra’s classroom and the PA system begins playing hard metal. Thinking she is in danger, Emily panics and calls her dad to pick her up.

She runs into the hallway and a red electronic signs flashes “be normal, b***h.” Emily then barricades herself in a room while she waits for her dad. A mysterious figure appears at the door shortly following the arrival of her dad. Emily tries to open the window to get out but she’s on a higher floor. It’s only when she breaks the glass and calls out to her dad that she gets his attention. Emily’s dad saves her by climbing up the pipes on the wall and manages to help her down. However, he collapses once he reaches the ground.

We see that Emily’s dad is okay and he tells Emily that he has some stress-related heart problems.

The girls all meet at Aria’s house after the incident, reunited by the compassion they have for Emily’s dad. Hanna tells them about her experience at the dentist and the girls extract a pebble-sized object from inside Hannah’s mouth. It turns out to be a rolled-up piece of paper that has a message from A: “I told you: dead girls can’t smile. Stop looking.”

The last scene shows A shredding the dentist’s file and using it as birdcage liner for Alison’s parrot, which has a map beside it with the location of Detective Wilden’s yacht circled.

Will Spencer share her evidence against Ezra? Will A ever leave Emily alone?

“Pretty Little Liars” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family.

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