Behind the Beat: Ron and Victor Palos

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This episode of Behind the Beat features an interview with local musicians Ron & Victor Palos, and also a discussion with the head of the students’ rights organization here at UTSA. Ron &Victor Palos are two extremely talented San Antonio musicians who play in an acoustic project called Palos Pescados together. With two slightly different tastes in music, Palos Pescados will blow your mind with their amazing arpeggios, transitions, and time changes that are executed perfectly all without a drummer. Along with Palo Pescados, Ron also plays in local punk rock band I.R.D. This local punk rock band has been around for years and is still true to the punk rock way of playing loud, fast, hard music and continue to prove this in their recent EP release The F***ing EP. I.R.D. has gained local recognition from playing venues such as The Korova Basement, The Mix, and other various venues throughout the San Antonio area. Check out Ron and Victor Palos blow your mind with music by Palos Pescasdos, or, if you’re in the mood for some old fashioned punk rock, check out I.R.D. These bands are two of San Antonio’s best and are guaranteed to put on the show of a life time.

Opening Song: Murder the Stout (Houston, TX) – Leaving of Liverpool


Closing songs: I.R.D. (San Antonio, TX) – I Should Have

Palos Pescados (San Antonio, TX) – Green Tea

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