Waiting For Her

As I cling to a branch

I watch as all of my brothers and sisters

are suspended with me.

Dawn approaches,

the dewy droplets drip down my side

while the light breeze sneezed.

Paradise encloses around us

as the bright sun turns off the dark

and makes everything revisable.

A monkey swings by

and snatches my brother

from the bountiful leaves;

A slithery snake slowly slides and

I’m getting nervous

as he glides along the branch

to slimily perch

to the upper right of me;

Leering outside of the leaves

to a nearby feathered friend.

Two brothers fall

but that’s every day.

I often wonder what happens when fallen.

A bird rubs its feathery neck on my smooth, red skin

moments before being devoured by the serpent.

A hairless ape walks by

pointing at things.

So sculpted to perfection;

so handsome.

I’ve never seen anything like it before.

Darkness soon follows;

I must sleep.

I wake up to the feel of

fingers around my round figure.

The plush extremities leave me

and I notice another hairless ape.

This one, nude as every other animal,

with long curvy hair,

a beautiful face,

wide hips;


I watch with inquisitiveness

as the long-haired beauty

seemingly converses

with the smelly snake.

She chooses me-


I fall to the floor in agony

as a huge chunk of me

slides down the flawless larynx .

The other hairless ape arrives.


The serpent retreats as

It gets dark.

Thunderous claps,

the couple are petrified with fear.

The dark clouds

have an interrupted beam of light on the two.

More ear-demolishing noise

as the two are frightened away.

Still I lie in excruciating pain,

wondering what ever happened to the two

as they never came back.

Word around the grapevine is that the couple is cursed,

and all of their future decedents

must endure painful child births;

Whatever that is.

Well, I’m still here on the cold ground

waiting for the couple

to come back and finish me off

before I rot…