Behind the Beat: Rooster’s Pomade

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Hello listeners! Welcome back to another semester and another season of Behind the Beat. Since it’s a new season, I decided to switch things up a bit by interviewing someone other than a band. In this episode I get a little salty about starting up another semester and interview Rooster of Roosters Pomade Co. Roosters Pomade is a DIY Pomade made by Rooster himself right here in San Antonio. If you’re into pomade or pinstriping, you should take a listen to his story. It’s great to be back, I hope this semester is a good one. Hope you enjoy, tell your friends, and GET BEHIND THE BEAT!

Opening Song: Alcoholic Helltones (Victoria, TX)- Free Fixer

Middle Song: Rancid (Berkeley, CA)- Let Me Go

Closing Song: Indofin (Austin, TX)- Fingerfight

Check out Rooster’s Pomade on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy