New rec center pool to open in 2016


UTSA students who visit the Recreation Wellness Center and peer out the rear window dreaming of a working pool can rest easy. Those dreams are scheduled to come true by Spring Break of 2016 when a new $4.48 million pool will have its grand opening.

Plagued with a myriad of problems, the original pool closed over two years ago.

“Since I’ve been here the rec pool has been closed,” stated rec center frequenter Frank Nguyen. “Even the now reopened fountain had been closed until only recently. Maybe there’s just something with UTSA and water.”

Nguyen might be right. In November 2011, SpawGlass, the contractors hired to construct the original pool, ceased repairs because the company did not believe they were responsible for its structural integrity. SpawGlass withdrew after several unpaid repair jobs for the university.

When repairs stopped and forced the pool’s closure, UTSA announced plans to initiate legal proceedings, which are still under discussion. According to UTSA Facilities Project Coordinator John Perez, the proceedings have no bearing on the construction of the rec center’s new pool.

Due to the visible lull in construction, questions and concerns about the status of the pool have accumulated among students; as a result, Perez is familiar with student inquires about the rec center’s pool.

“Since I am assigned to this project I answer most questions related to the new pool project,” said Perez.

Perez also explained that “The new pool’s construction has a start date of March 2015 and an end date of February 2016.”

There will be two bodies of water – a leisure pool and a lap pool.

Perez, working with Rec Center Director Laura Munroe, ensures that, “the end product will be constructed in a manner that will please the student body.”