Student organizations: Unique Religions


Business as a Calling (BAC)

Goal: Business as Calling is a College of Business faith-based student organization. The group’s goal is to implement learned practices so buisnesses can serve one another and glorify God.

Established: Founded in 2012 with adviser Dr. Tom Thomson and current president Carl Larsson.

Why: The Bible tells us that we should “be imitators of God,” meaning as a business organization we must make a positive impact on society.

Membership: Membership is open to all UTSA students interested in building a life that glorifies God. Weekly meetings discuss the ideas presented in Wayne Grudem’s book, “Business for the Glory of God.”

How to Contact: You can find us on our Facebook page or email us at [email protected]

Club for Applied Spiritual Technology (c-fast)

Goal: The Club for Applied Spiritual Rechnology (c-fast) gives students the opportunity to relax through meditation and have short discussions on human potential and higher consciousness.

Established: Approximately 2 years ago.

Why: We provide spiritual technologies services to disussing alternative topics. We offer an affordable all-you-can-eat vegan lunch to students in the main plaza 5 days a week at noon.

Membership: We welcome all students from different backgrounds and interests. We meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Montgomery Room. At meetings, we practice an ancient meditation chant called Kirtan and have discussions on topics such as “karma and reincarnation controversy.”

How to Contact: Find us on Facebook and email at [email protected]
or come try our banana bread, rice and burger balls served at main plaza every day at noon.

Chabad on Campus

Goal: We are a student organization that brings Jewish students on campus together to interact and learn about their religion and culture.

Established: We became an official group on campus in spring of 2014.

Why: The group was created so Jewish students at UTSA could practice and learn about Judaism.

Membership: Memberships is for anyone interested in Judaism! We have weekly Q&A sessions during lunch with Rabbi Ari Weingarten, who is available to answer any questions about Judaism. Events, which range from dinners to learning about our religion, are usually held at a house off campus.

How to contact: We have a bulletin board in the center of the MH. We also have a Facebook group:, and you can always contact our Rabbi who is in charge at 210-391-3621.

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