Bread Outlet

Bread and pastry lovers can indulge without splurging thanks to Mrs. Baird’s bread outlet. Located on 8425 Bandera Rd., Suite 104, the outlet features tortillas, different types of bread, some packaged pastries and chips.

The store stocks its shelves with surplus product: if the company over produces or a retail store orders more food than they can sell, the bread outlet will take the items and sell them for a reduced price to ensure they don’t go to waste.

The store will discount the items even further as they reach their expiration date. They also offer Buy One, Get One Free sales from time-to-time.

The store offers discounted or free items for customers who spend a certain amount of money.

Both of those promotions are in addition to the everyday sale, in which you choose an item from a predetermined set of products after spending a designated amount.

Because the store carries a variety of different products, customers are sure to find something that satisfies taste buds without breaking a budget.

Because the items are below retail value, customers can try something they normally wouldn’t buy, like cinnamon swirl bread. In the worst case scenario, you only spent a couple of dollars so you won’t have to feel bad about wasting money.

The items at the outlet are generally cheaper than they would be at grocery stores, but you may find some store-brand items cheaper than the Mrs. Baird’s products. However, if you’re in the mood for a Mrs. Baird’s treat, visit this store and leave your stomach and wallet satisfied.

The store doesn’t currently have a website, but for hours of operation, you can call (210) 681-3736 or pay them a visit.