Of course… But maybe

With the release and popularity of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and the surprisingly flexible 6-Plus last month, it is safe to say cellphone use will not diminish anytime soon. Everyone has a cellphone. If you stop to look around campus, chances are you will immediately see someone either holding a cellphone to their ear, yelling into it or looking down at its tiny glowing screen—stabbing it viciously with their thumbs. Whether they are standing alone, huddling in groups or riding a skateboard, people spend a lot of time staring at their phones. Most people do not even bother to look up from their phone until they arrive in class, having spent the walk there browsing the Internet, texting or sending emails. It is because of this obsession that UTSA has begun drawing up plans for some major renovations on campus coming spring 2015.

Due to the number of injuries students have received from sliding doors on campus opening too slowly, UTSA has decided to remove doors all together in favor of giant gaping holes on the sides of their buildings. Additionally, every glass pane window that could be mistaken for a doorway will be painted dark brown to avoid confusion.

One of UTSA’s prominent issues has been the number of people falling into the Sombrilla fountain. Thousands of people have already inadvertently fallen into the fountain since its re-opening — many of whom did not have Lifeproof phone cases. UTSA has proposed a 6-foot tall cast-iron fence to surround the fountain to protect the many students that have inadvertently found themselves violating the Student Code of Conduct Section 202.20 — as well as finding themselves in a giant fountain. The fountain will continue running so that students and visitors alike can still gaze at the beautiful water within its safe confinements. The $8.4 million project will be the first of its kind and will save an estimated 1,500 cellphones a year. Hopefully, these safety measures will bring UTSA one step closer to becoming a Tier One campus.