Student fees on the rise

I TOLD YOU SO! They’re at it again!

This time, the Director of the Parking and Transportation Department at UTSA is proposing a doozie of a scheme under the stealth of reducing parking permit fees by $22.

That’s the pitch just like in congressional politics. In the same quiet breath, and according to their own figures, two-thirds of the student population has purchased parking permits.

Regardless of the amount of money each of these students have paid, the proposal also will promote the whacking of a $40 “shuttle fee” on the entire student population.

Let’s see now, according to Einstein arithmetic, let’s reduce the parking permit fee (the hook) by $22 -hmmm…$22.00 X (28,688 x2/3) = $420,757.33….but, $40.00 X 28,688 = $1,147,520.00….that’s a gain of $726,763.00 (not counting staff and faculty parking permits).

New buses, new things, we can add the Reserves Apartments. All of this by charging all students for the benefit of the huge multi-billion dollar real estate development corporations who own these apartments. And what are these corporations being charged?

The Parking and Transportation Department claims that over 1,000 students signed a petition. Yeah, but were they told “the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Many students were asked to sign in order to “reduce the parking permit fee.”

That’s all! Who wouldn’t sign that? Now, is the election set for October 9 and 10, 2007? Without the entire student body being duly informed?

There should be a complete investigation regarding the integrity of this matter. Where is the administrative “honor?” Anyone having anything to do with this should send this idea back to the drawing board. “Et tu Brutus?” -again? What do you think? Rudy TorresSenior Finance