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Animal Defense League gives animals second chance in ‘My Fuzzy Valentine’ adoption event


The Animal Defense League (ADL) has been holding a promotional event called “My Fuzzy Valentine” (January 29 – February 20) where they’re encouraging potential adopters around San Antonio to find their soul mate.

A select group of cats will be available for adoption for a reduced fee of $25. Adoption fees for select dogs are reduced to $30. All ADL animals are spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on their vaccinations.

The Animal Defense League has already seen an increase of visitors since the event began. One of the main goals for the event is helping some of the older pets find homes.

“Puppies are almost assured of going home pretty soon. It’s those long-time residents that are here that we really put these events for to find them a home,” said Hugo Vital, Communications Manager of the ADL.

The ADL is the oldest true non-kill shelter and has been around since 1934. They were founded “for the prevention of cruelty to animals; to promote kind and humane treatment of animals; and to aid and assist the enforcement of laws enacted for the prevention of animal cruelty.” Every animal that the ADL rescues will remain at the facility until they are adopted. Under no circumstance will the ADL euthanize any animal at their facility.

The ADL rescues animals three different ways. First, the shelter will take any stray animals from the public, although people are encouraged to call ahead before bringing in an animal. Second, the ADL accepts owner surrendered animals or owners that are unable to continue caring for their animal. Last, the ADL takes animals from different shelters around the San Antonio area, which includes kill shelters.

The ADL houses cats, dogs, puppies and kittens, and at any given moment can have 250 to 350 animals. The ADL closely monitors their intake of animals to ensure the safest, securest and most comfortable environment.

Their facilities also house a strong veterinary staff that helps to treat all of the animal’s medical conditions. Part of the rehabilitating process includes a foster network that helps to take in the animals until they’re restored to full health and ready to be adopted. This also includes neo-natal fosters for puppies or kittens that need to be bottle-fed. All these foster homes are completely on a volunteer basis and are part of a vast network of people who willingly give their time to help rehabilitate these animals.

The adoption process is fairly easy and can be completed anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. You will be asked to check-in at the front desk, walk around the shelter, socialize with the pet and complete an application.

If the potential owner is living in an apartment complex or rental home, the shelter will verify with the management that the pet is being moved into a pet-friendly environment. After that, you are free to take home your new best friend.

The ADL is non-profit and receives no funding from the federal, state, or city government. They rely heavily on donations and grants from the public in order to maintain their services. People interested in donating to the ADL can go onto the website to donate at

The ADL is located on 11300 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78217. To find out more information about “My Fuzzy Valentine” or other ADL events you can check out their website or call 210-655-1481.

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