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Poorly Drawn Parking Lines Lead to Largest Parking Lot Riot in UTSA History

Many commuters know that finding a good parking spot on campus can be tricky. Unless students have a garage pass or a 7 a.m. class, getting a spot near campus can be time guzzling and infuriating.

After circling the lot for twenty minutes, even the most civilized person may be driven to a primal, honk-inducing rage if someone nabs the parking spot that he or she has spotted. What’s worse, some of the closest spots to campus are so terribly painted over that no one knows where to park.

Rows designed to fit 40 cars instead, currently cram about 25 to 30 vehicles due to double parking and uneven spacing, leaving large gaps between vehicles. It is these inconsistent gaps, often barely large enough to fit the smallest of cars, which led to one of the worst student-parking-lot riots in university history.

“I just lost my cool,” said sophomore Ang Rhi, one of the thousands of students involved in the Brackenridge Ave Lot 1 riot. “There was space for like two cars there, they didn’t have to park like that,” stated the 5-foot 120 pound Rhi, who lifted three cars trying, turning them on their sides trying to park and make it to class. “I’ve never even been to the Rec, but after circling the lot for over an hour, my instincts took over.”

A cluster of poorly parked trucks immobilized student Anon Nemus. “I didn’t want to lose my spot,” stated Nemus who was unable to open her doors for over six hours. “I missed my first three class and had to kick out my front windshield to make it to the quiz in my last class,” she said.

The riot began last Monday and accelerated through week. Torched and battered vehicles, overturned trash cans, a garage stampede resulted in six-figure revenue from parking citations given to students. Business Auxiliary Services invites students who have received citations to pay the fee (first) and then to appeal online; however, most citations continue to be denied.

Despite these incidents UTSA has no official plans to repaint these parking spots and plans to continue ticketing students that park incorrectly.