Fitness for those who don’t even lift


For a lot of college students, working out and eating right are the last things that they worry about. And why should they? As a college student, you look good, you feel good and you accomplish both of these things while eating whatever you want.

To put it simply, time catches up with you. Look at a picture of your parents from when they were in their twenties, and compare it to what they look like now. If you notice some change in their shape, then you might have found your motivation.

Some habits are just too good to give up, like Saturday night drinks with friends, but others things, such as those milkshakes we call Frappuccinos, can be traded for healthier alternatives. A little self-restraint may come into play too. Passing up the complimentary piece of candy after taking someone’s survey outside the JPL might just seem illogical, but it could pay off down the road, especially when you just bought a donut from the fundraising club a table over.

Staying in shape does not need to be a life changing experience, nor a time-consuming one. Find ways to sneak a little exercise into your daily routine. For example, instead of waiting ten minutes for the shuttle after you park, walk from the parking lot to your class and then from your class to the parking lot. Instead of hanging out under the Sombrilla between classes, go to the rec with your friends and play basketball or table tennis.

Many people choose to stick to a rigorous workout schedule, which is great if you do not feel overwhelmed. However, a strict workout schedule can become daunting and, instead of acting like a release, working out can become a chore.

One way to counteract this feeling is by not planning out your workout schedule so precisely. Have a goal of how often you want to work out each week, but switch up which days of the week and which times of the day you work out. This way, you are not just going through the motions.

Working out does not have to mean pumping iron and running laps either. This semester, UTSA Campus Recreation offers seventeen different intramural sports, either in a league, tournament or single contest format. The types of sports offered vary from 4-on-4 flag football to table tennis. UTSA students can get involved with an intramural sport by registering on the UTSA Campus Recreation website.

Additionally, the Rec Center offers group exercise classes that cater to every student, from yoga enthusiasts to kickboxing fanatics. Groups even wander away from the gym for group hikes. The schedule for these classes can be found on the campus recreation website as well.

If the gym is not really your scene, grab a friend and go for a hike at one of the parks around UTSA. Some parks nearby include O.P. Schnabel Park, Bamberger Nature Park, Eisenhower Park and Friedrich Wilderness Park. They all have great hiking trails and Eisenhower and Friedrich both have over five miles of cleared trails and enough elevation to make your calves burn. Each of these parks is within a fifteen-minute drive from UTSA’s main campus.

Starting good workout habits now is much easier than playing catch-up later. Some people love to work out, but the rest of us have to find alternative ways to feel motivated.