Chasing Signs


One of the most important questions to ask a potential romantic partner is, “What’s your sign?”

Although it may seem like a cheesy pick-up line, astrology is a great tool to discover your romantic compatibility with others. The body and the universe are connected. Recognizing this connection can help us develop meaningful, lasting romantic relationships. Astrology is all about the study of patterns, movements and positions of celestial bodies that influence humans from the time that we are born.

Our astrological signs tremendously affect our personalities, our worldviews, our feelings and most importantly our communication styles. Our success in love depends on becoming our own astrology guru. We must not only know the characteristics of our own signs, but also we must be aware of our potential romantic partners’ signs and the characteristics associated with those signs. There are 12 zodiac signs, and four elements: water, earth, air and fire.

In order to have success at being your own matchmaker, I recommend memorizing what zodiac sign is apart of what element. This will be the most important tool in determining compatibility, and is also easy to remember. Astrology encompasses so much more such as specific degrees called decanates, ascendant and rising signs, moon signs and sun signs, as well as the different houses each sign belongs in. Astrology may seem complicated, but by focusing specifically on the elements will prove to be simple and all the information you really need to prosper.

I like to give the example of a Cancer and an Aries — a water sign and a fire sign. The old adage is that opposites attract and I can’t deny that fact. This relationship may start hot and heavy, but will shortly fizzle out.

So why didn’t it work? Let’s remember the natural behaviors of these elements. Water extinguishes fire; therefore this does not make a life-long romantic match. Trust me, I am a water sign that has had to break up with a fire sign.

The personalities and communication styles are so clashing between the Cancer and the Aires that the chance of romantic relationship survival is slim. The best and most fulfilling romantic relationships are relationships between signs of complementing elements, such as fire and air. Any element that matches your element exactly will work as well, such as Earth and Earth.

If you are wondering why your last several relationships haven’t worked out, learn from the past and look up their signs. If the signs didn’t have complementing elements, you can finally know why it didn’t last. You can learn a lot from the experiences you have had to make a more positive change in the future.

Never leave love to luck. The universe is old and wise, and it is a perfect resource in finding an impeccable love match for yourself.