Frozen Yogurt Coming to Business Building

Coming soon to the Business Building near you: frozen yogurt will be available for UTSA students to purchase in fall 2015. The Market or Marketplace –– the name of the new Main Campus dining option has not yet been released –– will serve frozen yogurt, burgers and “grab-n-go” snacks. The new frozen yogurt shop will replace EXTREME Pita, which has been one of the healthiest dining options on campus.

When learning about upcoming changes in campus dining, students’ reactions range from excitement to indifference. A common concern among students is the removal of healthful food options.

“I like the idea of frozen yogurt, but EXTREME Pita is the only healthy option on campus,” said junior psychology major Maxine Wilson.

“Healthier options like it are on the way—just give us some time,” says Student Government Association (SGA) Business Affairs Chair and College of Business Senator Victoria Vazquez. Vazquez, a senior marketing major, has worked with UTSA’s Business Auxiliary Services (BAS) office during the transition from pitas to yogurt.

The resolution to bring froyo to campus was emboldened during a biweekly meeting between SGA Business Affairs Committee and BAS. No individual can be credited for the idea because it was inspired by the voice of the student body, Vazquez stated.

Excited by the prospect of the new dessert location, senior biomedical engineering major Jose Arredondo stated, “I think it’s pretty cool. There isn’t much variety for frozen treats on campus.”

Senior history major, Garrett Philbrick, voiced a different opinion. “I have to say, I’m quite shocked. I like Pita; it had really great food,” he noted.

Some students like senior physics major Tyler Guglielmo are unperturbed by the change. “I like pitas, but I like yogurt too,” commented Guglielmo.

More SGA initiatives to improve campus living, like frozen yogurt on campus, are underway and include a shopping shuttle to transport students without vehicles to the grocery store, solar panel plugs for the John Peace Library’s fourth floor outdoor study area and DVD rental boxes on campus.