Q: How are the recommendations, which the task force will present to President Romo, compiled?

We have had listening sessions, in total we had nine of them. We had the email address set up for campus-carry feed back … probably about 100 to 150 emails we have received from that.

We share that feedback with the task force, as far as what locations people are requesting to be exclusion zones and their reasoning and rationale.

No decisions have been made. Our task force’s still meeting, and will continue to meet until we come up with a recommendation for Dr. Romo. It’s basically a balancing between listening to what people have to say and considering the campus to be a safe place. … But we know that the intent of the law is that we cannot generally prohibit the carrying of handguns on campus.

Q: If someone has a CHL, regardless of any rules and regulations imposed by the university, he or she, because of the campus carry legislation, will ultimately be able to carry somewhere on campus?

The president still has the authority to make rules and set rule-making policy for the campus to ensure the campus is safe.

For example, one of the areas that we have looked at, and I think has a pretty good consensus already, is those labs that have materials that are dangerous, in case there was an accidental discharge.;

The fact that (in the labs) people have to put on protective gear, taking on and off clothing influences this as well.

Q: The state doesn’t provide funding for campus-carry and the university cannot legally raise fees, how will the school fund some of the changes needed to comply with the law?

The bad news is that there isn’t a budget to procure a lot of lockers, and ones that would have to be pretty costly to be secure. And then there’s the issue of passive storage and active storage , where there would be a person there to check it (the weapon) in with. That could be very costly and space intensive.

But really, there is no budget for providing for campus carry on campus, other than that we will have to provide signage for those areas that President Romo deems exclusion zones …. (Determining funding) would probably be a decision that the university would have to make with existing resources , maybe reallocate resources from something to something else.