Campus Carry update:

During its Oct. 15 meeting, the UTSA Faculty Senate authorized the formation of an ad hoc committee, with the purpose of drafting resolutions related to campus carry.

According to committee member Dr. Gregory Hazleton, the formation of this committee comes on the heels of the University Administration’s request that members of the campus community provide input to the campus carry task force. So far, the committee has proposed two resolutions to the faculty senate.

The first resolution urges President Romo to designate classrooms, faculty offices and laboratories as “gun-free zones.”

The second resolution requests that the senate supports the committee’s development of a survey that would allow students and faculty to give their input concerning campus carry and the yet-to-be-determined gun free-zones.

One proponent of such a survey is political science and geography professor Dr. Walter Wilson; his campus carry survey was approved by the Institutional Review Board. His intent was to give the results to the task force to provide them with student input since the law requires.

Senate Bill 11 states that decisions be made “after consulting with students, staff and faculty of the institution.”

According to Wilson however, the task force suggested that Wilson distribute the survey through other channels. Both resolutions will be considered this Thursday at the Nov. 5 Faculty Senate meeting.