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Participation at Model UN Event Doubles Last Year’s

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Points were raised, gavels were pounded and issues were resolved at the Alamo Model United Nation’s second annual conference that occurred over the weekend.

This year’s conference sought to simulate the U.N. Economic and Social Council concerning issues like immigration, the global refugee crisis, methods for sustainable development, the global energy crisis, gender equality and empowering women. Tensions were high as student-delegates silently conferred fiercely with each other using tiny yellow notes that sailed through a sea of raised hands. The event exuded an ambiance of professionalism that, as the student-delegates collectively devised solutions, resembled an actual United Nations conference. Throughout the three-day weekend, student-delegates reached solutions for sustainable development, the global energy crisis, immigration and the global refugee crisis.

Gender equality and women’s empowerment proposals could not be met with a consensus due to time constraints.

The conference included a research presentation by Dr. Miguel DeOliver, associate professor of geography at UTSA, who touched on issues of immigration and the economic future of developed countries.

Dr. Matthias Hofferberth, associate professor of political science at UTSA and Alamo Model U.N.’s faculty adviser, was pleased with the conference’s turnout, which more than doubled from last year’s conference.

“We extended the length of the model by one day and had everyone happy and satisfied in the end. I believe all students involved learned important lessons about the U.N., assumed leadership and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend – so overall a great success.”

Sarah Allred, the Secretary General and a co-founder of Alamo Model U.N., stressed the importance of universities offering organizations that allow students to discuss important world issues.

“It is easy for people to ignore some of the problems facing the world … so it is up to the Alamo Model United Nations Society to remind all students about the importance of these issues.”

Allred hopes the conference’s success will help AMUNS’s membership grow.

Dr. Hofferberth seeks to increase participation in 2016 Alamo Model U.N. conference by reaching out to local high schools, colleges and further promotion at UTSA.

Dr. Hofferberth also plans for the organization to compete at other Model U.N.’s throughout the nation, and even as far as Germany.

Students interested in joining the Alamo Model U.N. can contact Dr. Hofferberth and Sarah Allred by email at [email protected] and [email protected].

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