Local restaurant dishes out traditional Mediterranean cuisine

Since opening in 2008, Pasha Mediterranean Grill has become a prominent restaurant on the Northwest side of San Antonio. Upon entering the restaurant, you are immediately greeted by the aroma of the Middle Eastern dishes that are being created only a few feet away. Pasha provides a relaxed environment, whether you’re just meeting a friend for lunch or enjoying dinner with a significant other. Pasha provides a unique dining experience in which a portion of the kitchen is open, allowing diners to view cooks slicing gyro meat, grilling chicken and dicing vegetables. It is safe to say no two menu items are the same at Pasha; each dish is comprised of a myriad of different spices and fresh ingredients.

Two popular menu items include the gyro wrap and the shawarma wrap which can be made with either chicken or beef. Both wraps are served with a Greek salad of fresh romaine lettuce, pitted Kalamata olives, red cabbage and a unique homemade Greek vinaigrette, all garnished with Pepperoncini peppers. The gyro wrap is loaded with gyro meat, a combination of roasted lamb and beef. The soft Greek pita bread that surrounds this wrap is a great juxtaposition to the thick gyro meat that is served within it, creating a savory combination of flavor. The gyro was satisfying but mediocre compared to other Mediterranean joints around the city.

A lighter and healthier wrap offered at Pasha is the chicken shawarma wrap. The wrap includes a generous amount of slow roasted and thinly sliced chicken breast, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and pickled cucumbers, all topped with Tahinisauce and securely wrapped in a piece of lightly grilled Saj pita bread.

If you are looking to try something new, you can’t go wrong by choosing Pasha’s fairly priced Mediterranean dishes. Ten dollars will get you a wrap of your choice, a side salad and a beverage. Pasha is located at 9339 Wurzbach Road.