Thirsty Thursday plays to students’ sensibilities


Thirsty Thursday is a an event sponsored by Be A Responsible Roadrunner (BARR), a part of the Office of Student Activities, with a goal to educate students on the risks and effects of alcohol and to provide alternative means of entertainment that do not involve alcohol.

“The goal of the BARR is to promote alcohol and drug education,” BARR President, Mayllyn Luz said. “We want to educate [the students] so that even if they do choose to drink, they will know their limit.”

Luz explained the goals and ideas of BARR to Thirsty Thursday attendees, offering students plenty of useful information and a complementary bottled-water, reiterating the organizations mission to promote alcohol and drug awareness.

“BARR encourages people to be smart when it comes to drinking and partying,” BARR Consultant, Jaime Payne said that BARR offers alternative things to do instead of drinking and gives people tips about the penalties that come with drinking.

BARR hosts several events throughout the semester to encourage students to enjoy themselves without the effects of alcohol such as “Safe Spring Break Week” and “Party on the Paseo.”

BARR Consultants encourage all students, whether or not they are of drinking age, to educate them and take responsibility for their actions. They seek to encourage students to consider healthier behaviors that will reduce the risk of negative outcomes.

BARR is a part of the larger network, BACCHUS, which is based in several universities internationally and focuses on student health and safety initiatives. The BACCHUS network offers national certification for students to become peer educators and gain valuable leadership experience. The organization hosts regular regional and national conferences allowing its members to meet new people and broaden their horizons.

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) booth was set up next to the Thirsty Thursday event to help attract students and establish a correlation between higher education and safe drinking practices. The QEP is designed to improve student learning and is involved in the re-accreditation process for UTSA.

“Thirsty Thursday has a different theme every month,” Kelsey Bratcher, BARR advisor, said. “The QEP is coming up and we’re trying to inform our students about that and connect with them as well.”