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FTK prepares to end year with a 12-hour dance marathon


For the Kids (FTK) Dance Marathon at UTSA organized a two-hour Zumba marathon, “Zumba For The Kids”, Mar. 4 at the UTSA Campus Recreation Center. FTK has its final, main event—a twelve-hour dance marathon—coming up on Saturday, Apr. 23.

The dance marathon will Ballrooms 1 and 2 in University Center Phase III, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The event will be free to guests.

“‘Zumba for the Kids’ was the first Zumba event at UTSA and we are tremendously happy with the result,” Co-Vice Overall Chair of FTK, Cesar Lopez said. “Campus Recreation and its Zumba instructors were extremely helpful in making this event happen.”

FTK was founded in 2009 to raise awareness on childhood cancer as well as to provide financial and emotional support to those affected by childhood cancer and to their families.

Last semester, FTK carried out the “Fashion out Cancer Show”; a fashion show in which childhood cancer patients and their siblings strutted down the runway, proving that cancer is so out of style.

FTK followed up this semester with “Zumba for the Kids” which was a success, with over 150 participants attending the event.

The FTK Overall Committee has been working on final preparations for the dance marathon to culminate the year’s worth of hard work.

“FTK is more than just a service project,” Ryan Zapata, Overall Chairperson of FTK, commented.” It’s about making a difference in the life of those who sometimes aren’t able to raise their voices.”

FTK’s Dance Marathon will give dancers the opportunity to show the kids that they can stand for them against cancer for twelve-hours.

“Our mission is to provide love, hope and support to the children and families battling cancer and bring a smile to the face of a child,” Liliana Ramirez, FTK family relations co-chairperson, said.

FTK’s Dance Marathon features a group called “FTK Dancers” from all across the UTSA community, who will participate by standing for twelve hours while interacting with the kids and families and enjoying the performances prepared for the event.

FTK encourages different student organizations, faculty and staff departments to participate as teams of dancers.

FTK has also planned to have performances by different registered student organizations and students of UTSA. Other San Antonio entities like the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Children’s Hematology/Oncology department, as well as Business Careers High School and Clark High School have expressed interest in participating by showing off their kids’ talents, drum line and even state baton twirling champion.

“Our dance marathon gives the children an opportunity to put aside their illnesses and just have fun,” Ramirez said, “We hope to positively impact the lives of the children.”

The FTK Overall Committee hopes that the dance marathon will grow exponentially as UTSA has in the past years and also hopes to strengthen the link spirit of the UTSA community, as well as to provide means to integrate UTSA more prominently into the San Antonio community.

“We will continue to dance [for the children] year after year until one day we can dance in celebration of a cure for childhood cancer,” Zapata said.

“Until that day, we dance…for the kids! Together, we hope to make every wish come true…one dance at a time!” Ramirez said.

For more information about FTK and how you can participate visit

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