SGA secretary resigns

The secretary of the student government, Bobbie Jean Garcia,resigned from her position, effective October 20. Garcia citedscheduling conflicts and time constraints as the basis for herdecision. “I am graduating this semester, and I have manythings to do,” Garcia said. “It’s just notworking with my schedule.” The student government is holdingan internal election to replace Garcia. “An internal electionis essentially having all of the representatives of every collegewhich were elected by the student body along with committee chairsand the officers of student government other than myself voting ona particular person,” Student Government President DamonGarcia said. The student body at large will not have an opportunityto vote on the secretarial nominees. “It’s not aregular general election as it is in the spring,” Garciasaid. “Because of the resignation and because of the need toget a secretary as soon as possible, we went ahead and decided togo this route so we could have somebody quickly. “We’redoing what we can to make sure that the students know. I’vepurchased two ads and our public relations as has made bannersaround the school and we’re going to do a campus wide emailto make sure they know about the election and have a chance to runfor the position.” Students who wish to run for the positionmust meet two qualifications and be willing to fulfill the dutiesas outlined by the SGA. “The secretary is responsible for themaintenance and publications of all meetings andproceedings,” Student Government advisor Barry Mckinney said.”You also need an overall GPA of 2.5 and not be ondisciplinary probation.”