Who vandalized LGBTQ’s Bulletin Board?


Sometime at the end of last week someone vandalized the GLBTQ Bulletin Board in the HSS.

The perpetrator wrote a biblical passage and “Jesus died for yall. And this is how you thank him?”

Charles Miles, GLBTQ president, said that his first impression of the vandalism is anger over the lack of respect.

“God loves everyone. I don’t think he loves heterosexuals more than homosexuals,” Miles said.

Miles continued that he cannot believe the notion that people have that gay people can believe in God and be loved by him.

GLBTQ Vice President Allexandra Fambles said that she wishes she could let the vandals know that we (gay community) are people and we have the right to express ourselves.

“The only way to live morally is to live honestly,” Fambles said.

Kayla Broussard, GLBTQ Treasurer said that she felt the motive was much more sinister.

“I think were targeted because we are in the gay community,” Kayla said.

The Catholic Association’s Bulletin Board was also vandalized by the single word “Repent” written in pen.