UTSA Army ROTC Awards Bronze Star

In a Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) ceremony on Tue, Aug. 31, 2010 Cadet Casey Gregg was awarded the Bronze Star for his tour of service for Operation Iraqi Freedom. The Professor of Military Science, Scott Sonsalla welcomed new UTSA students and conducted a change in command passing the flag of leadership to Military Science forth year students (MS4s). A slide show was displayed as cadets enjoyed pizza and fellowship with their mentors.

Cadet Gregg humbly shared, “I’m not successful unless other people do what they are supposed to do as well. I have to thank them too.” Cadet Gregg has served in the Army for 12 years and was a sergeant first class. The Bronze Star was awarded for his meritorious achievement. He is currently completing his academic degree in Political Science and Business at UTSA.

If Cadet Gregg could describe in two words his experience of serving in the Army and studying at UTSA he said, “It would probably be close to the same for both of them. I would have to say proud and honored.”

“The real truth is that most of the people in ROTC are prior service cadets that already have years of military service under their belts” said MS4 Peterson. The MS4s responsibility includes leadership over their battalion and planning ROTC events.

The Army ROTC is a family that assists one another in the classroom and in the training field. The Army ROTC provides mentors equipping students by building their character as a leader for UTSA and Officers in the U.S. Army. There are numerous benefits from scholarships to life –long achievements. For more information to be a Cadet in the University of Texas at San Antonio ROTC Battalion, visit http://armyrotc.com/edu/univtxsanantonio/index.htm