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An end of an error

Graphic by Alex Hanks
Editorial Board January 22, 2021

In January 2017, Donald Trump was inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States. Since then, President Trump has conducted himself in a cowardly, morally appalling, and highly unprofessional manner....

From the Sombrilla to the polls, Roadrunners must cast their vote in the 2020 election

Photo by Robyn Castro
Editorial Board October 30, 2020

Tuesday is the last day to cast your vote and have your voice represented in our electorate. If you haven’t voted yet, Tuesday is it. Do not leave any stone unturned, and when this is all said and done,...

Spring or Fall, Pass/Fail option for all

Photo by  Chukwuemeka Temiloluwa Alumanah.
Editorial Board October 24, 2020

Last spring, UTSA utilized an optional Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) "pass/fail" grading system for all undergraduate and graduate students. UTSA understood that COVID-19 has drastically affected the ways in...

#BlackLivesMatter: The Paisano’s commitment to keeping the UTSA community informed

Illustration by Alex Hanks
Editorial Board September 15, 2020

The Paisano denounces systemic oppression and racial bias, and we will remain committed to providing you with content covering these issues as we approach our 40th year in circulation.  As student...

UTSA, where is our money?

Photo by Chukwuemeka Temiloluwa Alumanah
Editorial Board April 3, 2020

UTSA is offering prorated refunds to students for specific student services affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of service fees covered is sparse, and the reimbursements are coming too late.  According...

SGA: They think they can. We hope they can.

SGA: They think they can. We hope they can.
Editorial Board March 3, 2020

The newly elected SGA should pursue three principles to establish a better connection with the students they serve and to better manage their organization as a whole: enhance their brand identity, treat...

Don’t let $15 leave you stranded

Don’t let $15 leave you stranded
Editorial Board February 25, 2020

The Transportation Fee Referendum will be held on March 3-4, and students will have the opportunity to vote on a $15 increase to the current $20 student fee, totaling $35. Students should vote a resounding...

A conversation Eighmy doesn’t want to have

“The three absent Eighmys,” Illustrated by Emmanuelle Maher
Editorial Board February 19, 2020

In the wake of a tragedy, whom do students expect to hear from? No one other than the leader of our university: President Dr. Taylor Eighmy. One of the most tragic events in our community, a completed...

Your COLFA dean matters, right?

Your COLFA dean matters, right?
Editorial Board February 11, 2020

College of Liberal and Fine Arts dean finalist candidates have passed, and with two remaining, the COLFA Dean Search Advisory Committee is coming closer to making its selection. In these forums, the candidates...

Faculty diversity matters too

Faculty diversity matters too
Editorial Board February 4, 2020

UTSA prides itself on being a Minority-Serving Institution that promotes diversity. Any racial disparities on our college campus between students and professors indicate a lack of drive for racial inclusivity...

The enduring cost of Frank Wilson

The enduring cost of Frank Wilson
Editorial Board January 28, 2020

UTSA is currently paying former head coach Frank Wilson $720,000 per year, and he doesn’t even work here. His payout comes from UTSA students’ pockets, despite us not having any direct say on this...

Bold Promise or bold scholarship?

Bold Promise graphic
Editorial Board January 21, 2020

Beginning in Fall 2020, UTSA’s Bold Promise initiative gurantees full financial aid for tuition and mandatory fees for eight semesters to students who satisfy specific requirements: being an incoming...

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