The Paisano

A(+) permanent solution

Illustration by Emmanuelle Maher

Editorial Board

October 23, 2019

A uniform grading system across all departments in the form of a plus/minus system needs to be implemented at UTSA. Currently, each department can decide whether to use a plus/minus system or a whole-letter system. Consistent grading systems are important for students who are applying for graduate work...

SGA actually wasted your money

Graphic by Emmanuelle Maher

Editorial Board

October 16, 2019

SGA’s dense chronology of irresponsibility has just been updated with another embarrassing entry about their misuse of student funds. After weeks of student-led protests against SGA’s spending habits, SGA stoked the fire by throwing away over $400 in unfilled seats on their controversial leadership...

Who really determines the retention of UTSA professors?

Emmanuelle Maher/The Paisano

Editorial Board

September 4, 2019

If professors who are beloved by students are expendable to the university, then the university’s teaching needs are not compatible with the needs of students. Professors, whether on the tenure track or not, have a significant impact on their students. Semester after semester, our professors are...

A picture’s worth a thousand words: Remove President Romo’s photos

A picture's worth a thousand words: Remove President Romo's photos

Editorial Board and Rudy Sanchez

April 23, 2019

UTSA has made ample efforts to promote a safe and comfortable campus environment for all students and faculty. In response to recent events, President Eighmy and his administration have created resources for supporting victims of sexual misconduct and discrimination. These efforts are in the form of...

Give students a system that works

Give students a system that works

Editorial Board

April 16, 2019

UTSA is a fast-growing university seeking to support a large community of students in the future. In December of 2018, UTSA’s Office of Institutional Research (OIR) reported an enrollment of 32,101 students for Fall 2018, an increase of 4.7 percent, marking the highest enrollment count in the university’s...

Editorial: Boundaries haven’t changed–awareness has

Editorial Board and Katrina Clements

April 9, 2019

Potential presidential candidate Joe Biden has recently been accused of inappropriately touching two women during political events in 2009 and 2014. Following the accusations, Biden released a video stating that he will begin to be more conscious of people’s personal space and boundaries, since the...

Changing your major for the better

Changing your major for the better

Kenyatta Battle

April 2, 2019

According to a statistical analysis report by the U.S. Department of Education, over one-third of college students switch their majors during their time in college. Should changing your major be considered a failure or success? Many people believe changing majors is a sign of failure; however, that is...

Set an expectation that matters

UTSA Men’s Golf has pledged to #SetTheExpectation that sexual assault and physical violence are never okay. #BirdsUp

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

March 27, 2019

On March 20, UTSA posted on its Twitter account UTSA student athletes pledging to stand up and out against sexual violence, abuse and assault. Signing a piece of paper will not hold student athletes accountable for committing physical and sexual violence, nor will it encourage student athletes to come...

Respect is a two way street

Respect is a two way street

Editorial Board and Jose Chapa

March 6, 2019

We need to have a conversation about classroom etiquette. First, we need more clarity to the extent teachers can enforce specific classroom rules. We also need to address the expectations of students, beyond the rules explicitly stated in a syllabus. The responsibility of the former lies on UTSA adm...

Editorial: Put a CAP on it

Editorial Board and Josh Levario

February 26, 2019

The Coordinated Admission Program (CAP) used under the UT school system provides a unique opportunity for freshman students; they are able to complete their first year at a sister school (such as UTSA) and transfer the following year, assuming students meet the academic requirements. The problem with...

Editorial: Overcoming academic and mental health struggles

Editorial: Overcoming academic and mental health struggles

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

February 20, 2019

When students first go to college they expect it to be all fun and games. They don’t know about the late nights and early mornings; they don’t understand what it’s like to sit in a classroom and feel inadequate because they don’t know the answer to a question; they don’t know the strain colleg...

A house divided cannot stand

A house divided cannot stand

Editorial Board

February 13, 2019

Last semester President Eighmy mentioned numerous initiatives he planned to enact, one of which was to move the College of Business (COB) to UTSA’s downtown campus. This initiative has received mixed responses from students and faculty. Some people believe that moving the COB to the downtown campus ...