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Give the plus or minus system liberty or give it death

Give the plus or minus system liberty or give it death

Editorial Board

February 6, 2019

UTSA should create a consistent grading system that is implemented throughout the university. The current plus/minus system can be helpful for some students, but detrimental to others. The plus/minus system can be a GPA booster for some students. For example, in plus/minus a high “B” is recorded...

Remove the policy not the teacher

A student resting her feet on a desk started the conflict with Anita Moss.

Editorial Board

January 30, 2019

Dr. Anita Moss should not have been relieved from teaching for “classroom management issues.” Moss is the professor who was suspended last semester for calling campus police to escort an African American student out of her classroom because the student engaged in what many considered disrespectful ...

Fight your dreams

Jack Myer / The Paisano

Kenyatta Battle

January 22, 2019

A dream is a series of thoughts, images or emotions occurring during sleep. In life a dream is a goal people hope to one day attain. Like Martin Luther King Jr., many people dream of peace, equality and love. Like DACA Dreamers who want to be regarded as the Americans they are. From Jan. 11-26, San...

50 years later: students still first

Photo Courtesy of Samantha Flores

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

January 16, 2019

UTSA has been in existence for 50 years and has established itself as a great institution. It is not UT. It has its own culture and its own mission. As a Hispanic-serving institution, UTSA has continued to show its dedication to its student body: teachers encouraging students in the classroom and administr...

The journey to graduation

Student graduating.

Editorial Board

November 29, 2018

Sunday, Dec. 16th may not be an important date to many of you, but to this semester’s graduating seniors, it is of the highest significance. Commencement is a celebratory milestone, the beginning of a new chapter and the distancing of another. Your time, experiences and knowledge gained at UTSA are m...

Be a man and take care of your health

Man crying

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

November 14, 2018

Men: are three times more likely to commit suicide, six million men suffer from depression (with the majority of male depression cases going undiagnosed), and one-in-nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer (one-in-forty-one men will die from prostate cancer). Simply put — men need to do a ...

Young people show up, show out and vote

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Editorial Board and Kenyatta Battle

November 7, 2018

Time and time again young voters have failed to show up to the polls to vote. According to the Washington Post, an U.S. Census Bureau data tracking turnout that analyzed the United States elections reported that since 1986 young voter turnout has not eclipsed 21 percent. The lowest voter turnout was...

Be comfortable being uncomfortable

Protesters staring at each other during a protest on campus

Editorial Board and Brandon Armstead

November 2, 2018

Discomfort is an inevitable part of life; it is also the catalyst for change. The recent protests on campus at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) have stirred up discussion regarding the role freedom of speech plays on a university campus. The clashing of conservative and liberal viewpoints has prom...

Objectivity is our objective

The Paisano

Editorial Board and Alejandro Lopez

October 26, 2018

Historically, journalists have faced several repercussions for the content they publish. One repercussion still relevant in 2018 is biased viewpoints, specifically if the content is more liberal, conservative or libertarian. From time to time, The Paisano has dealt with these issues. For example,...

Be kind, rewind: keep an open mind

Editorial Board and Natalie Hollenbeck

October 18, 2018

Is it 2018 in general, or has this been building for decades? It’s clear during highly emotional times, like elections, what our society’s problem is: overzealous aggression. Aggressive behavior, and a difference in opinions, prevent individuals from seeing both sides of any argument. Unless we remind...

Roadrunner football fans, relax

Graphic of Taylor Eighmey dropping money into a bucket labeled

Editorial Board and Ryan Garza

September 27, 2018

Relax. Don’t hit that panic button just yet. After starting the season off losing their first three games, UTSA received outrage and backlash from fans about what was going wrong with team and how it could be solved, but UTSA faithfuls need to accept what the team is trying to do and understand that...

Suicide awareness month

Editorial Board and Katrina Clements

September 19, 2018

 September is National Suicide Prevention Month, a time when people honor lost loved ones and promote awareness of the severity of suicidal thoughts and ideation. Suicidal thoughts are a form of intrusive thinking that anyone can have without being depressed.       Suicidal ideation is when those in...