The Paisano

Letter: Wal-Mart building despite protest

October 18, 2004

  I wish that Ms. Erin Hennigan could stop the cheerleading for Wal-Mart and realize truly what Ms. Lamaison wastrying to say in her article, "Falling Prices Kill Culture."   First of all, it is very easy to say how great a Wal-Mart will be in a certain area when it is not in he...

Fish Bowl: Finding employment proves time-consuming for new student

October 18, 2004

 From rent, food and gas to tuition and books,the list of expenses that the average college student incurs seemsto go on forever. The longer I am been at UTSA, the longer the list grows. So, like many students I know, I startedlooking for a job. However, I didn't have a lot of workexp...

Commentary: Bush’s foreign policy suffers

October 18, 2004

   Foreign policy is largely the reasonRepublicans get my vote. Republican advisors have had a far morerealistic grasp of geopolitical interests and conflicts. Theiremphasis on missile defense, high military budgets and aggressiveinternational intervention are important core ...