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Students express opposing views on abortion

Photo by Lindsey Thomas

Breahna Luera

October 30, 2019

Love of Truth Ministries volunteers displayed images of fetuses to aid in explaining their views on abortion in the Sombrilla Plaza on Oct. 23. “We think it’s an atrocity that so many babies are being killed through the act of abortion,” Kristi Chandler, volunteer at Love of Truth Ministries,...

When Will UTSA Intervene?

When Will UTSA Intervene?

Xavier Richardson

October 30, 2019

In an environment where college students desire to express their views on controversial topics and practice free speech, rallies and protests are common occurrences on campus. Often, these public displays happen the same way: an organization takes a controversial stance, students get upset, an opposing...

Reframing the abortion debate

Justice Lovin

October 19, 2016

There are certain arguments that never seem to end. Instead they grow tired and familiar and fade away into so much white noise. In this way, the abortion debate has become almost an institution in itself, an argument apparently reduced to two sides and one question, when it is in reality much more com...

Pro-life means pro-empathy, pro-women and pro-mothers

Pro-life means pro-empathy, pro-women and pro-mothers

Katelyn Wilkinson

October 12, 2016

Of all the hot-button issues in American politics today, abortion is arguably the most heated and divisive. Pro-lifers and pro-choicers fight passionately, sometimes violently, for their causes. In light of this national attention, I believe the media has distorted and misunderstood the pro-life cause...

The inequality of abortion rights

David Rodriguez

October 5, 2016

“So what if abortion ends life?” Reads the title of a 2013 article published in Salon Magazine written by Mary Elizabeth Williams. My initial reaction to seeing the title was sheer sadness. Worse than the sadness I felt when I learned my mother had cancer and watched from a distance as she batt...

Oh, the Humanities! #2

Adriene Goodwin

September 7, 2016

Spoilers ahead: Rosemary’s Baby is a horror classic memorable for both the film’s horrific plot and the historic events that occurred in the life of its director, Roman Polanski. The darkest element of the film’s tragic irony is that despite Polanski’s contempt for sexual assault (as addresse...

Bills seek to improve women’s health, but limit number of health clinics

April 9, 2013

Two bills have been proposed in the Texas Legislature that, if passed, would severely restrict abortion access for Texas women.The first, SB 537, “would require all abortion clinics in Texas to meet the same physical requirements as ambulatory surgical centers, even if they do not perform surgical abo...