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Country artist playing guitar

Flying through NASA country

Kirkland Luther September 12, 2018

A night with local country artist Garrett T. Capps. The sun sets on the river outside of Ocho as people find their places among the chipped turquoise patio furniture. At the end of the alley, and on a...

Spring 2017 BFA exhibitions showcase UTSA’s artists #2

Leah Feneley April 5, 2017

Cherise ‘Rhys’ Munro Cherise ‘Rhys’ Munro is a Detroit native who previously worked within the structural steel industry; her experiences prior to attending UTSA explain her interest in the subject...

Creators - Paisano Polls

Creators – Paisano Polls

Kat Joseph January 25, 2017

Diego Montoya investigates the creative sides of UTSA students.

An artist's perspective

An artist’s perspective

Alyssa Gonzales April 18, 2016

  Mikki Pasadaba Education Level: Sophomore, BFA Social Media Platform: IG @mik_dab   During my studies in UTSA as a BFA student, I have received momentous instruction given...

The death of the rollout album: the new music standard

February 11, 2015

The album rollout is dead. Months of anticipation over an artist’s upcoming work, the overwhelming amount of singles that trickle out little by little week after week and the endless amount of pop...

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