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Humans of UTSA: Kimiya Factory

Photo by Folasade Sabitu

Folasade Sabitu

October 10, 2019

This is Kimiya Factory. She is a senior and a political science major. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes in, and her efforts towards change have helped so many along the way. This is her story. I was raised by a single mother, and I had one sibling. I’ve been in college since I was ...

Big Sis Advice: I am your legacy.

Big Sis Advice: I am your legacy.

Kimiya Factory

October 2, 2019

I have a confession to make: In 1946, my great-grandmother, Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher, spearheaded the NAACP’s mission to challenge desegregation laws in the South when she sued The University of Oklahoma (OU) Board of Regents for denying her admission to OU Law based off of the color of her skin. Two...

Student organizations protest student government spending

Students hold signs in protest to student government budget. Photo by Robyn Castro

Breahna Luera

September 24, 2019

Texas Rising and #ChangeRapeCulture united to work alongside student protestors at the Student Government Association (SGA) general assembly meeting on Sept. 19. During the open forum segment of the meeting, students have the opportunity to voice their concerns with a two-minute time limit. Multiple...

Big Sis: Keep It Real With the Homies

Photo by Kimiya Factory

Kimiya Factory

September 24, 2019

How do you break it to them? A person you love and kick it with, just perpetuated rape culture right before your ears but didn’t mean to...or did they? Your heart starts racing and your hands start sweating because confronting a stranger about perpetuating rape culture is easier than confronting someone...

Big Sis Advice: Social Media Cringe

photo by Lindsey Thomas

Kimiya Factory

September 18, 2019

Social media has so many pros, but changing rape culture has definitely revealed the cons throughout the years. I’ve always been oblivious to the difference between adoration and harassment in my DMs, but my sophomore year provided a specific instance in which I realized I had been violated by the...

Column: Big SisKeep your blinders on

Photo Courtesy of Dominique Beltran

Kimiya Factory

September 11, 2019

Sometimes I give up – when somebody is defending rape culture, I am guilty of tuning out. I think to myself, “They’ll never get it.” But over time, I’ve learned that they will – at least that’s what I have to tell myself. However, I like to think that in an ideal future, people who...

R. Kelly survivors speak at conference

#ChangeRapeCulture organizer asks survivors questions.

Alejandro Lopez

April 23, 2019

Tears filled the auditorium as Faith Rogers, Dominique Gardner and her mother, Michelle Kramer, shared their stories about their encounters with famous R&B singer, R. Kelly. #ChangeRapeCulture and Students United for Planned Parenthood (SUPP) hosted “Conversations About Sexual Trauma and Assault...

UTSA releases external reviews reports

UTSA releases external reviews reports

Heather Montoya and Alejandro Lopez

April 9, 2019

The consulting firms UTSA hired to review the university’s Title IX process and the allegations of a campus climate tolerance of sexual assault have released their reports. The two firms are Ice Miller, charged with investigating sexual assault allegations initiated in November 2018 and Baker Tilly,...

Big Sis Advice Episode 3: #ChangeRapeCulture

Kimiya Factory/The Paisano

Kimiya Factory and Garry Leday

March 27, 2019

    Host: Kimiya Factory Editor: Garry LeDay

#ChangeRapeCulture protest at Sombrilla

Protestors pose with signs in front of Student Union.

Alfonzo Mendoza

February 20, 2019

UTSA students filled the Sombrilla in protest, calling for a far-reaching and immediate change in sexual assault proceedings and rape culture on campus on Feb. 12. The protest occurred the day after the announcement of the President Eighmy’s Initiative on Preventing Sexual Assault and Misconduct.  The...

Students rally against sexual assault

Students rally against sexual assault

Alejandro Lopez

February 13, 2019

Students involved in the #ChangeRapeCulture group organized a rally under the Sombrilla on Feb. 13 at 12 p.m. The purpose of the rally is to raise awareness of the group’s call to action and make their presence known. “We're hosting the protest to let people know that #ChangeRapeCulture is more t...