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Big Sis Advice: Owe You One

Big Sis Advice: Owe You One

Kimiya Factory

November 6, 2019

Fun fact: the game of debate and argumentation is the ex-girlfriend I just couldn’t break up with. Debate is that thing that I can’t shut up about on first dates and a discipline that challenges me to be better. The UTSA Debate Team has been the home I came back to over the past three years of college....

Wilson quickly hires coaches

Brady T. Phelps

March 22, 2016

In reference to a question about the process of hiring assistant coaches during his introductory press conference, Head Coach Frank Wilson said, “we will take it step by step and do it right, not fast.” “Before Signing Day, we may have some guys on the staff, but not necessarily all of them. We’re...