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Rouge Noir

Rouge Noir

Sabrina Longoria March 30, 2018

When the wolf skulked through the woods, Red betrayed not a single fear, though her curling fingers did tremble, Mother’s warnings grown constant in her ear. Be wary, my sweet, for you are...

What it means to be a writer

Editorial staff August 22, 2017

Being a writer means having a passion for words and the structure of communication. There are many sides to being a writer. There are worlds inside a creative writer’s mind that other people cannot even...

Photo Courtesy Eric Pitty

POETRY PAGES with Spanish for Heritage Learners

paisano.online1 December 17, 2016

A new and intuitive course — Spanish for Heritage Learners — led by Professor Lilian Cano from the Modern Languages department, has taken its place at UTSA. The course’s goal is to strengthen students’...

Fourth annual ‘It Could Be Verse’ attracts UTSA readers and spectators

April 21, 2015

Marcus Connolly, The Paisano At a dinner event a few years ago, Creative Writing Professor Wendy Barker and Comparative Literature Professor Steven G. Kellman got to thinking: What...

How Do You Relax?

January 21, 2015

I do enjoy a bit of fun here and there. I find it quite relaxing in the face of all my work and stress. Surprising to some, my fun has mostly come through enjoying a light nap in a sunny field. Just...

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